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ChargifyEV EV Charging Station Review

A new EV charging station from a US-based startup
Published March 02, 2022

There’s a new EV charging equipment startup called ChargifyEV in Austin, Texas, and they recently released 32 and 40-amp charging stations to the home charging market. With many folks interested in products that are American-made, like these, we quickly requested a loaner unit to be able to test it out and give you our unbiased opinion.

ChargifyEV’s electric car chargers are affordably priced compared to others of a similar power level, and they’re also made from quality parts. They’re also smart, sort of– they provide online access via Ethernet cable, though it sounds like they are working on an optional WiFi addon to be released in the near future.

Unfortunately, the units are not safety certified due to the sheer cost of obtaining certification; it can cost a company many tens of thousands of dollars to obtain, and the startup just doesn’t have that kind of money to manage it right now. ChargifyEV does point out that all of the components used to manufacture their products are safety certified, and they did use an outside lab to test everything before releasing them to the public.

Key Specs of the ChargifyEV

  • Charger: AC Level 2
  • AC Connector: Type 1 (SAE J1772)
  • Power Input: NEMA 14-50 plug
  • Rated Current: 32A
  • Adjustable Current: N/A
  • Maximum Power: 7.7 kW
  • Dimensions (without cable): 9.5" x 6.9" x 3.5 "
  • Cable length: 24 feet
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Safety Certified: No
  • Hits

  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured from quality, durable hardware
  • Affordably priced compared to other comparable charging stations
  • Misses

  • Online connection is wired
  • Not safety certified through UL or ETL
  • Doesn’t come with a connector holster
  • Installation

    The unit arrives with the mounting bracket attached to the back of the case, so you have to unscrew that before proceeding with the installation. You can then attach the bracket to the wall with the screws provided, preferably along a stud for added security. Then it’s just a matter of snapping the unit into place and replacing the screws you initially removed, plugging the NEMA 14-50 plug into an outlet, and you’re good to go. The 32-amp version of the ChargifyEV should be installed on a 40-amp circuit, while the 40-amp version should be installed on a 50-amp circuit.

    There is an Ethernet port available in the base of the unit should you want to attach a cable to the ChargifyEV and take advantage of their smart features, like checking the charger’s status, load balancing for a second ChargifyEV charger, or using it to add extra features that may be released at a later date. An Ethernet cable is not included.

    For some reason, this unit doesn’t come with a connector holster, which is very important to keep your connector free of dampness and dirt. We’d recommend picking up this combination holster and j-hook on Amazon for about $19 to complete your setup.

    The 32-amp version of the ChargifyEV will deliver up to 7.7 kW and add between 20 and 35 miles of range per hour of charging, while the 40-amp unit will add between 25 to 45 miles of range an hour. The 40-amp version is only $20 more than the 32-amp version, so purchasing the higher-powered unit seems like a no-brainer.

    While the charging cable is thinner than most EV charging station cables, we really couldn’t complain about its quality and flexibility. The ChargifyEV’s connector is also produced by Phoenix Contact, who offers high-quality AC charging hardware. It offers a good grip and feels solid, which we really appreciate.


    We like to put the EV chargers we review through all sorts of tests to see how they’d hold up under less-than-optimal conditions; in fact, we do that with nearly all of our comprehensive charging station reviews. This time around, we tested the ChargifyEV to see how its charging cable would react to extremely cold temperatures. While we didn’t test the unit’s durability, ChargifyEV did do a little test of their own– by running one of their chargers over with a car! You can check out that impressive video here.

    The Cable Deep Freeze Test

    Everybody loves the cable deep freeze tests where we check for cable pliability in sub-zero temperatures, so we made sure to do one for the ChargifyEV as well. After tossing the charger into a commercial ice cream freezer for 14 hours, we pulled it out again when the temperature inside measured at -14° F (-25.5° C). While it was stiff when it came out, the cable is thin enough that you can maneuver it without too much issue even while frozen. It passed the test well enough that we would be comfortable recommending the ChargifyEV for cold-weather climates.

    We scored the ChargifyEV according to our 15-point categorical system, allowing you to view how well (or badly) it does in different areas before giving the unit an overall score out of 100 possible points. This one scored well in terms of cost and value, but its lack of safety certification really hurt it. Overall, the ChargifyEV scored a total of 73 points, leaving it with a final score of 3.65 out of 5 stars.

    After averaging my personal score of 3.75 stars out of 5 with its ChargerRater score, the ChargifyEV ended up earning an overall score of 3.7 stars out of 5 for the 32-amp version. We’d give the 40-amp version 3.75 out of 5 stars, just because it gives your EV more juice for only $20 more. It’s not a bad little unit, though ultimately it’s your choice whether or not you’re comfortable purchasing an EV charging unit that’s not safety certified.

    The 32-amp version of the ChargifyEV is available for $399.99 on their website, and the 40-amp version is available for $419.99 on their website. Check out the full review in the video above and let us know what you think about this new EV home charging station in the comments below.

    3.7 / 5

    By: Tom Moloughney

    Tom has been covering the electric vehicle scene since 2010 and has written for Forbes, Plugincars, GreenCarReports, BMWBLOG, and InsideEVs. He's a former director at Plug In America and specializes in the North American and Chinese electric vehicle markets, with a strong emphasis on EV charging and charging equipment. Tom is also the host of the EV charging YouTube channel, State of Charge.


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