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Electrify America Recorded Over 10 Million Charging Sessions in 2023

The charging network's usage more than doubled compared to 2022.

After releasing its latest usage results to the public, Electrify America recorded over 10 million charging sessions in 2023, reporting significant growth and surging usage of its fast-charging network.

The company operates more than 900 stations and more than 4,000 individual DC fast chargers in the U.S. and Canada, including 878 stations and 3,892 chargers in the US. The charging infrastructure is located across 47 US states, the District of Columbia, and six Canadian provinces in its Electrify Canada network.

According to Electrify America, the network will expand to 5,000 DC fast chargers by the end of 2024, strengthening the company’s position as one of the largest public charging networks in North America.

2023 Usage Stats

According to Electrify America, 2023 closed with over 10 million customer charging sessions and over 380 GWh of energy dispensed. Both numbers are more than twice as high as in 2022, thanks to the expansion of the network and record sales of EVs in North America.

  • Charging sessions: 10.9 million (up 106% vs. 5.3 million in 2022)
  • Energy dispensed: 380+ GWh (up 118% vs. 175 GWh in 2022)
  • Average session: about 34.8 kWh (up 5% from 33.0 kWh in 2022)

On average, EVs charge almost 35 kWh per session, which is enough energy for roughly 125 miles, assuming an energy consumption of 3.6 miles per kWh. This number indicates that most EV drivers are charging their EVs only partially, which is not a surprise.

If we compare the number of sessions with the number of chargers, we can also estimate the network usage, although we must remember that the number of chargers was not constant.

  • Charging sessions: 10.9 million
  • Charging sessions per station (assuming 900+ sites): roughly 12,000 per year (33 per day)
  • Charging sessions per charger (assuming 4,000+ chargers): roughly 2,700 per year (8 per day)

The average of 8 sessions per charger per day is not a bad result, although there is still a lot of spare capacity available. Seeing an increase in this number might be crucial from a financial perspective.

Here is a similar calculation for energy dispensed:

  • Energy dispensed: 380+ GWh
  • Energy dispensed per station (assuming 900+ sites): roughly 420 MWh per year (1.2 MWh per day)
  • Energy dispensed per charger (assuming 4,000+ chargers): roughly 95 MWh per year (260 kWh per day)

For comparison, recall that EVgo dispensed about 130 GWh of energy in 2023, or about 137 MWh per station. EVgo’s network has over 950 locations, which are usually smaller than Electrify America’s.

Another interesting statistic is that, assuming that over 1.3 billion electric miles were driven on those 380+ GWh of electricity, Electrify America has managed to avoid the consumption of more than 52 million gallons of gasoline (calculated at an average of 26 mpg).


An infographic from Electrify America titled: "A Closer Look at 2023".

An infographic from Electrify America titled: “A Closer Look at 2023”.


This year, Electrify America intends to open larger charging stations and expand its Plug & Charge payment technology. Because the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase, 2024 is expected to be another record-breaking year in terms of usage.

In 2025, Electrify America might also get a boost thanks to the upcoming addition of NACS charging connectors. It should attract more Tesla EVs to their charging points, which is significant since Teslas represent more than half of all-electric cars in the US. Electrify America chargers are rated at up to 350 kW at around 800 volts.

Here are maps of both the Electrify America and Electrify Canada networks:


Electrify America chargers as of May 2024.

Electrify America chargers as of May 2024.

Electrify Canada chargers as of May 2024.

Electrify Canada chargers as of May 2024.

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