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GM and EVgo Open 1,000th DC Fast-Charging Stall

The deployment is part of a metropolitan charging infrastructure collaboration.

Published August 07, 2023

General Motors (GM) and EVgo announced a major milestone in their longstanding collaboration to expand fast-charging infrastructure. The two partners opened their 1,000th fast-charging stall out of the 3,250 planned to be installed between 2021 and 2025.

The 1,000th charging stall was deployed in Woodridge, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, at the recently completed charging station at the Woodgrove Festival Shopping Mall, within a short drive of Interstates 55 and 355.

As we can see in the following image, there are multiple DC chargers installed at the site, some ready to charge two vehicles simultaneously.


EVgo's newest charging stall at their Woodridge location, showcasing an EVSE with dual charging ports.

EVgo’s newest charging stall at their Woodridge location, showcasing an EVSE with dual charging ports.


According to EVgo, the number of operational charging stalls has now surpassed 1,000. The number of chargers is probably much lower – potentially around 500, assuming that all of them come with dual charging ports (although it’s not officially said). What was mentioned is that the majority of the new chargers have a peak output of 350 kW.

In terms of plugs, we can assume that so far, the vast majority of the plugs are CCS1 with a few CHAdeMO on the side, but in the future, GM and EVgo will probably have NACS plugs available. That’s because GM recently announced its intent to switch from CCS1 to NACS, while EVgo pledged to expand its NACS offerings.

Currently, the new installations have opened across nearly 230 locations in 39 markets, covering 27 states. The plan, first announced in 2021, is to deploy 3,250 charging stalls (compared to the 2,700 initially planned back in 2020) in 52 metropolitan markets. At least 2,250 additional charging stalls still need to be installed to satisfy the plan, which should not be an issue considering there are more than two years remaining.

The main goal of the collaboration is to improve public charging infrastructure “where EV drivers already spend time, such as grocery stores, retail centers and city centers”, as well as offer a charging opportunity for “customers who are unable to charge at home or work, such as renters and those living in multifamily dwellings”.


A close up of one of EVgo's EVSEs with dual charging ports.

A close-up of one of EVgo’s EVSEs with dual charging ports.


Cathy Zoi, the CEO of EVgo, said:

The availability of fast charging infrastructure is key to widespread EV adoption and consumer confidence in all-electric transportation. That is why we’re working with GM to build convenient and reliable fast charging stations across the country to serve current and future EV drivers. Today, we’ve hit a major milestone in our joint efforts to electrify the transportation sector and we look forward to further expanding our charging footprint with GM in the coming years to realize our vision of Electric for All.”

Hoss Hassani, the GM vice president of Charging and Energy, said:

“As GM advances its vision of an all-electric future, it’s imperative we expand public charging infrastructure to complement the rapid expansion of our breakthrough EV portfolio. Together, these two efforts are making ‘EVs for everybody’ a reality. This milestone with EVgo underscores our commitment to supporting more customers as they switch to an EV lifestyle by expanding access to convenient charging everywhere.”

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