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Rivian Showcases A Next-Generation Charger

The Rivian Adventure Network will be opened to non-Rivian EVs in 2024.

Published May 08, 2024

More charging options are coming as Rivian showcases a next-generation charger, designed in-house from the ground up to serve nearly every EV available today in North America.

This new charger is crucial for the already announced plan of opening the Rivian Adventure Network to non-Rivian EVs in the second half of 2024. As part of the preparations to commercialize the network, the company also introduced charging fees to existing Rivian EV users.

The next-generation charger brings a set of changes necessary to handle various EVs. Physically, the charger will be taller and equipped with a longer cable to reach charging inlets, regardless of their location on the vehicle. Its 1,000-volt class high-voltage electronics will easily be able to handle high-voltage battery packs for full charging speed.

In terms of plug compatibility, it will initially be released with the Combined Charging System (CCS1) connector. However, as soon as the SAE J3400 (aka NACS) comes out, the charger will be natively compatible with NACS. This is no surprise because Rivian will also switch its EVs to the NACS starting in 2025. Finally, the next-generation chargers will get a small display and card reader to handle payments.

Here are the upcoming changes:

  • Taller and features a longer cable to accommodate differences in vehicle charging port placement
  • Supports both 400 and 800-volt battery packs
  • Features CCS connectors, which can charge NACS-equipped vehicles with an approved adapter, and will later get a hardware update to natively support NACS-compatible EVs
  • Includes a larger display and tap-to-pay terminal to enable effortless use with or without the Rivian mobile app


The Rivian next-generation charger, designed for all EVs.

The Rivian next-generation charger, designed for all EVs.


The Rivian DC fast-charging network has been online for nearly two years now. The first charging station was launched in June 2022.

Initially, the network was available solely to Rivian EV drivers with an uptime of over 98%, according to the manufacturer. It will be interesting to see whether the opening of the network will deteriorate reliability.

The plan for 2024 is to open the network to all EVs. Soon, all new Adventure Network sites will be built using the company’s next-generation charger. Meanwhile, Rivian will start retrofitting the existing sites with the new chargers so all stations will eventually be ready to accommodate EVs from various manufacturers. The company reassures its customers that where practical, sites will be built with a trailer-friendly charger.

The opening of the network is expected to increase revenues to cover the costs of the expensive charging infrastructure. At the same time, it is a crucial requirement to access public funds for charging infrastructure on the federal level from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program.

Paul Frey, Rivian‘s Vice President of Battery, Charging, and Adventure Products, said:

“Rivian exists to address two specific needs, the electrification of our transportation system and supporting the transition of our power grid to carbon-free energy sources. By broadening access to our Rivian Adventure Network—powered by 100% renewable energy—we are supporting both of these critical goals while also encouraging more people to embark on their next adventure in an EV.”

Another view of the Rivian next-generation charger, designed for all EVs.

Another view of the Rivian next-generation charger, designed for all EVs.

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