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Tesla Can Deploy Prefabricated Superchargers in Only 4 Days

The company installed 2,300 prefabricated Superchargers in North America.

Published May 01, 2024

Speed is key in a lot of industries, and now that Tesla can deploy prefabricated Superchargers in only 4 days, you’ll soon be charging a whole lot quicker. Tesla recently shared an interesting video related to its Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs), which are gradually becoming a noticeable part of the Tesla Supercharging network.

While the first Tesla Superchargers were installed in the US in 2012, the prefabricated versions are still a new thing, introduced several years ago to minimize the cost and time of installation.

Tesla produces the PSUs at its Tesla Gigafactory NY in Buffalo, New York. The chargers (including dispensers and power electronics cabinets) are pre-assembled on a concrete base and then loaded out by truck to sites across North America. The video indicates that both the V3 and new V4 versions of the Supercharging dispensers are produced at the site.


Tesla Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) on a truck.

Tesla Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) on a truck.


One truck can haul up to 12 PSUs, which are then craned into place and hooked up to the utility. According to Tesla, it takes just four days from delivery to open a new Supercharging site using prefabricated chargers.

The manufacturer revealed that its largest prefabricated Supercharging site consists of 76 individual stalls. In total, there are 2,300 prefabricated Superchargers in North America.

It seems that prefabrication will be a very important part of the charging infrastructure in the future, mainly because of cost and installation time reduction. In some cases, prefabricated sites are a temporary solution.

Two years ago, in March 2022, Tesla showed an example of the Brooksville, Florida site where 12 Superchargers were deployed in just eight days thanks to prefabrication. We can point out that the first three days were needed just to prepare the ground, while the prefabricated Superchargers arrived on day four. Installation and checks took a few days, while the final eighth day appeared to be for painting the parking spaces.

Other manufacturers are also working on prefabricated charging solutions. Most recently, EVgo opened up its first public prefabricated fast charging station.

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