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TravelCenters of America To Install 1,000 Electrify America Chargers

DC fast charging infrastructure to be installed at 200 locations over five years.

TravelCenters of America (TA) and Electrify America announced a major partnership related to EV fast charging infrastructure in the United States, which is expected to result in many new charging locations.

TA, as the nation’s largest publicly-traded full-service travel center network, intends to install roughly 1,000 individual chargers at 200 locations along major highways over five years. The first TA/Petro locations will get DC fast chargers later this year.

A simple match allows us to estimate that there will be around five individual stalls per location on average. The power output of the charger to be as high as 350 kW.

Electrify America fast chargers at TravelCenters of America

Electrify America fast chargers at TravelCenters of America

TravelCenters of America will purchase the chargers from Electrify America (*EA is not a manufacturer of charging equipment itself though), which through its Electrify Commercial business unit, will install, operate and maintain the charging stations at TA/Petro locations. Electrify America to manage the entire process to design and develop the charging stations – obtaining permitting approvals, provide warranty and 24/7 support services, and conduct onsite maintenance.

The key thing is that the charging stations to be included in the Electrify America charging network (currently 3,435 individual chargers at 791 stations), allowing customers to access and pay for charging through the Electrify America app.

It’s a good news for EV drivers that TA is joining one of the existing networks, instead of creating another one (with a separate system). The addition of a thousand of new chargers will be also a major boost to the Electrify America’s network, which is expected to triple in size by 2026 (to 10,000 chargers and 1,800 stations).

Jon Pertchik, Chief Executive Officer of TravelCenters of America said:

“TA’s large locations with expansive amenities are attractive to EV motorists and we are committed to expanding our EV charging infrastructure to accommodate this growing number of EV drivers over time. Our agreement with best-in-class Electrify America provides an unmatched offering of excellence in locations, service, support.”

Giovanni Palazzo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Electrify America said:

“Electrify America is pleased to collaborate with an industry leader like TravelCenters of America to provide the critical infrastructure needed for EV drivers of today and tomorrow. Our combined strengths allow us to take bigger steps toward our shared vision of a more sustainable future.”

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