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A.J. McGinnis

A.J. McGinnis

A.J. has been researching and writing electric vehicle news from behind the scenes for over five years, in addition to the work he does as an editor. He’s also the content manager and webmaster for

John Higham- Plugging Into the Future

John Higham

John has been driving electric for 12 years. He served on the Electric Vehicle Association Board of Directors for three years. His first EV was a Miata, converted in his garage. Since then, he has owned seven other EVs. John recently retired from aerospace after 32 years of building spacecraft. He’s the writer of our Plugging Into the Future guides.

John Higham- Plugging Into the Future

Staff Writer

The anonymous author of our Charging News articles has a long history of interest in the field and comprehensive knowledge of all sorts of EV-related technical data.  He writes for other sites when he’s not providing this one with content.

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