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Chargepoint NACS Charging Solutions Available for Pre-order Now

The company offers NACS connector options for new orders and for currently installed chargers.

ChargePoint is one of the first companies to announce the availability of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (or NACS) connector options for new orders and for currently installed EV charging equipment (both AC charging points and DC chargers).

Production of ChargePoint’s NACS charging equipment is expected to begin later this year, to support the upcoming switch from the Combined Charging System (CCS1) charging connector to the NACS in North America, as recently announced by several EV manufacturers (Ford, General Motors, Rivian, and Volvo).

In the following photo, we can see ChargePoint’s DC fast charger with the NACS plug alongside the CCS1 (on the other side). These types of chargers are expected to be quite popular in the transition period from CCS1 to NACS.


The NACS charging plug on a ChargePoint DC fast charger.

The NACS charging plug on a ChargePoint DC fast charger.


This year, Chargepoint NACS options will be available on its Express 250 and Express Plus DC fast chargers, the CPF50, and Home Flex AC charging points. Early next year, the CP6000 will also get the Chargepoint NACS option. The general press release does not include pricing info.

“ChargePoint’s DC line of products, the Express 250 and Express Plus, along with ChargePoint’s home-based AC line of products, the CPF50 and award-winning Home Flex will be sold or can be reconfigured with NACS connector options later this year. Similarly, ChargePoint’s newest commercial and light fleet product, the CP6000 will be sold or can be reconfigured with NACS connector options in early 2024″

In the case of ChargePoint, the cable modularity of most of the company’s products enables it to retrofit existing chargers (AC or DC) with NACS connectors and cables.

ChargePoint explains that it will be able to quickly introduce NACS-compatible charging solutions, because work already began on such a project in early 2022. The shape of their plug’s handle appears to be slightly different than Tesla’s plug, which suggests in-house development.

Separately, ChargePoint is updating its charging network and app, “which allows EV drivers access to more than 743,000 active and roaming ports”, to include personal location filters for NACS charging points, just like in the case of J1772, CCS, and CHAdeMO.

Bill Loewenthal, Chief Product Officer at ChargePoint, said:

“ChargePoint’s 15-year history as a leader in the EV revolution has prepared us for evolving market dynamics, as well as enabled us to predict customer and driver needs. Our highly modular charging platforms, combined with our new NACS connector options, allow customers to be confident that their investment in EV charging is successful for any connector scenario. We remain committed to developing networked charging solutions that ensure any EV can charge in any parking space.”

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