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Ionna EV Charging Network Will Begin Operations in North America

The first station in the US to be installed later this year, with Canada to follow.

Published February 23, 2024

Seven global automakers announced that their joint Ionna EV charging network will begin operations in North America.  The global auto manufacturers, including BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis, have begun a high-powered EV charging network in North America that will operate under the Ionna name.

The new network, originally announced in mid-2023, has received approval from regulatory authorities. The concept of a joint venture charging network, just like its name, is reminiscent of the European Ionity fast charging network.

According to the seven founding EV manufacturers, Ionna will open its first fast charging station in the US in 2024, followed by Canada at a later point. The plan is to deploy at least 30,000 individual chargers in North America, with multiple ones at each station, to facilitate long-distance journeys. The stations are to be strategically positioned throughout North America.

The network will be accessible to all-electric vehicles regardless of the charging connector standard – North American Charging Standard (NACS) or the outgoing Combined Charging System (CCS1). It likely means that dual-head DC fast chargers will be installed at the Ionna stations. All the manufacturers involved in Ionna have already confirmed the switch from CCS1 to NACS in North America, usually starting with new all-electric models around 2025.

According to the press release, the Ionna network aims to provide a seamless, vehicle-integrated, and best-in-class charging experience. This will be realized by:

  • providing various amenities, such as restrooms, food service, and retail operations nearby or within the same complex
  • appealing locations with canopies wherever possible
  • digital integration: the network’s functions and services will facilitate seamless integration with participating automakers’ in-vehicle and in-app experiences, encompassing reservations, intelligent route planning and navigation, payment applications, transparent energy management, and additional features
  • stations are intended to be powered by renewable energy

The newly appointed CEO of Ionna, Seth Cutler, said:

“I am honored to lead IONNA and work alongside these esteemed automakers in shaping the future of electric mobility. Our shared commitment to creating an extensive, high-powered charging network reflects our dedication to revolutionizing the entire EV charging experience and helping to drive widespread EV adoption”

The Ionna charging network will compete with other publicly accessible fast-charging networks, like Electrify America, EVgo, the fully-opened Tesla Supercharging network, and more.

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