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LG Electronics Will Enter the EV Charging Market in the US

The company announced AC Level 2 and DC fast charger models to be launched in 2024.

Published December 06, 2023

A new announcement states that starting in 2024, LG Electronics will enter the EV charging market in the US with a line of AC and DC charging solutions, focusing on business customers — hotels, restaurants, venues, transit hubs, municipal buildings, and other public locations.

Considering LG Electronics’s size, it might become a large player in the EV charging market. The rapidly growing EV market has created ample opportunity for such expansion, and LG even notes that the US will need hundreds of thousands of additional charging public points to compensate. It is also worth pointing out that LG Electronics is a sister company to LG Energy Solution, one of the world’s largest EV battery manufacturers.

Regarding the products, the brief announcement mentions that the LG’s initial line will include an 11-kilowatt AC charging point with a load management solution and a standard SAE J1772 connector– no word yet about a NACS plug. The AC chargers will be designed for simple wall mounting with an optional stand that enables placement anywhere.


An early look at the LG Electronics AC Level 2 charging point, one of the products we could expect to once LG Electronics enters the EV charging market.

An early look at the LG Electronics AC Level 2 charging point.


The first DC fast charger from LG in the US will be “a stand-type model with a connected Power Bank” rated at up to 175 kilowatts. Combined Charging System (CCS1) and North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector options will also exist. The DC fast charger will feature a large outdoor LCD touchscreen display “that can serve multiple functions for various owners and use cases“.

LG Business Solutions USA’s Senior Vice President, Nicolas Min, said:

As a leader in the electrification movement, LG is committed to delivering systems and solutions to help U.S. commercial customers develop the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles, which is critical to the success of the industry and the nation’s clean energy goals. Our product roadmap supports various use cases to provide a flexible, adaptable family of EV chargers to keep America moving as electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity and capabilities.”

The only remaining question is whether LG Electronics will also join the long list of other EV charging equipment manufacturers that are building their local manufacturing facilities to scale up production.

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