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Wallbox Launches the Supernova 180 DC Fast Charger in North America

The new modular charger will be available with CCS1 and NACS connectors sometime during 2024.

Published February 27, 2024

A new EV charging station is coming, as Wallbox launches the Supernova 180 DC fast charger in North America with some awesome features that are sure to please. Wallbox, a global technology company founded in 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, has launched its third-generation DC fast charger designed exclusively for the North American market.

The all-new Supernova 180 model follows the Supernova 60 and Supernova 150, which are available in Europe. According to Wallbox, the cumulative sales of Supernova chargers already exceeded 2,000 globally.

The new charger can deliver up to 180 kilowatts of charging power when configured with six power modules (at 30 kW each). Wallbox explains that the modularity solves one of the biggest pain points of the EV market – uptime. That is because “in the unlikely event that one of the six modules fails, Supernova 180 will continue to charge an EV using the remaining five modules, only slightly reducing the power output“. The modular design also allows users to buy lower-power versions (like 60 kW) with an upgrade option in the future to 120 or 180 kW.

The Supernova 180 is equipped with two charging plugs and can charge two EVs simultaneously, splitting the available power between them. The initial base setup comes with two Combined Charging System (CCS1) charging plugs, but Wallbox says that SAE J3400 NACS connectors will be available in 2024. In other words, customers will be able to order a version with one CCS1 and one NACS plug for maximum compatibility.

The manufacturer underlines the high power and small footprint of the Supernova 180, listing a number of physical features meant to improve the customer experience, including:

  • effortless cable handling through its cable management system,
  • numerous payment options, including credit card and RFID,
  • an interactive light system,
  • a robust 10” sunlight-readable color screen with an IK10 rating to ensure users can interact with a reliable and easy-to-read screen.

The Supernova 180 is now available to order, and its production is expected to begin in February 2024. Wallbox has a production facility in Arlington, Texas (see a map and a list of EV charging equipment manufacturing sites in the US here).

Besides the Supernova 180, Wallbox is also working on a 400-kW Hypernova model, which is expected to enter the market in 2024.

Erik Fogelberg, the General Manager of Wallbox North America, said:

“At Wallbox we are thrilled to officially launch Supernova 180 in North America. With its high power, versatility, and award-winning design, it sets a new standard for fast charging infrastructure.

Having sold over 2,000 Supernova’s predominately in Europe, the most mature EV market, we are confident that Supernova 180 will help accelerate the transition to EVs in North America by solving some of the key barriers preventing wide-spread adoption, such as reliability and broad accessibility.

This launch is a continuation of Wallbox’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the electric vehicle ecosystem, and ultimately make the transition to EVs possible.”

By: Staff Writer

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