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Ford Pro and Xcel Energy Are Teaming Up to Install 30,000 Fleet EV Charging Ports

The new initiative is aimed at business fleet customers.

Ford Pro, the commercial division within Ford Motor Company, announced a new 30×30 collaboration with Xcel Energy to support the deployment of 30,000 EV charging ports by 2030.

Ford Pro and Xcel Energy are teaming up to focus on business fleet customers in Xcel Energy service territories across the US, and the initiative is expected to simplify the process of installing charging infrastructure, as well as reduce costs. Most upfront costs for EV charging equipment and installation for businesses will actually be offset by Xcel Energy, through Xcel Energy’s broader Electric Vehicle Supply Infrastructure (EVSI) program.

Here is how it works:

“The 30×30 collaboration is an inventive approach between a vehicle manufacturer and utility provider that teamed up to help provide EV charging solutions to business fleets. Together, the companies will streamline the process for businesses to acquire EV charging and support. Subject to applicable program requirements, Xcel Energy will install the charging infrastructure for business customers that qualify for and enroll in an approved EVSI program in the customer’s service location, with most upfront costs offset by Xcel Energy. Ford Pro will provide Ford Pro Charging equipment and post-installation customer service and support.”

The aforementioned Ford Pro charging equipment includes both AC charging points (11.5-kW and 19.2-kW) as well as DC fast chargers (180-kW and 240-kW).

The significant reduction in the cost of installing charging infrastructure might be worth considering when buying an all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning pickup or Ford E-Transit van– especially with larger fleets.

The 30×30 collaboration will begin in 2024 in Colorado and Wisconsin. Xcel Energy says that it will seek opportunities for expansion within its service territories in future states over the next six years pending regulatory approvals, including Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas.


A Ford F-150 Lightning at a Ford Pro charging point.

A Ford F-150 Lightning at a Ford Pro charging point.


Amanda Rome, the Executive Vice President, Group President, Utilities & Chief Customer Officer at Xcel Energy, said:

“Ford Pro and Xcel Energy are pioneering a whole new way to scale EV charging infrastructure. Ford Pro is a trusted provider in fleet electrification, scaling charging infrastructure for fleets with smart vehicle, charging and software solutions. And Xcel Energy is a trusted advisor in transportation electrification, providing energy, infrastructure and innovative solutions for customers’ homes, businesses and EVs. Together, we are committed to making a real impact on the future of electrification in America.”

Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO, said:

“We know electrification can be complex for businesses. We’re focused on helping them make that transition at the right time in the right way that’s best for their business. We know that may require new ways of working to encourage and support adoption. We’re honored to work with Xcel Energy—together we’re creating a new model to help eliminate barriers for businesses in their electrification journey.”


A Ford EV charging.

A Ford EV charging.

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