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Hertz And EVgo Offering EV Renters Special Charging Rates For 1 Year

The promotion is available exclusively to new EVgo customers.

A US rental car company has teamed up with a fast-charging network to bring drivers savings, with Hertz and EVgo offering EV renters special charging rates. Hertz, which has tens of thousands of electric cars available for rent, has formed a partnership with EVgo, one of the nation’s largest public fast-charging networks.

The two companies announced a joint promotion to offer one year of special charging rates to drivers renting any EV model at a Hertz location across the United States. However, the discount with no monthly subscription fees or session fees is available exclusively to new EVgo customers:

*Promotion is only available to new EVgo customers who sign up for an account with EVgo, for a limited time only. Rates will vary by region and time of day. Discount does not apply to taxes and fees, if applicable, and is only valid on the EVgo owned and operated network. Check the EVgo app for specific station pricing and terms.

EVgo noted that in addition to the special rates, drivers who enroll in this promotion will also have access to a variety of other benefits on the EVgo network, including the ability to earn points toward charging credit with the EVgo Rewards program:


An infographic of the EVgo Rewards program.

An infographic of the EVgo Rewards program.


The EVgo charging network features over 950 charging stations installed in more than 35 states. The peak charging output at some of the chargers is 350 kilowatts.

It will be interesting to see whether the new promotion will attract Hertz EV users to EVgo. This will likely hinge on the reliability of the chargers for new drivers, for which it will often be their first experience with an electric car.

Wayne Davis, the Chief Marketing Officer at Hertz, said:

“Hertz is committed to providing an exceptional rental experience and the widest choice of vehicles possible to meet our customer needs and preferences, including a variety of EVs at a range of price points. We’re thrilled to partner with EVgo to provide our EV renters with more affordable and accessible charging options to support a smooth journey.”

Maggie Tallman, the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Solutions at EVgo, said:

“When people experience an EV for the first time, whether through a rental or riding along as a passenger, they see the benefits firsthand of quieter operation, smoother handling, quick acceleration, and of course, no tailpipe emissions. By partnering with Hertz to expose new drivers to the electric experience, we can inspire more prospective EV drivers to make the switch and welcome them to the electric revolution.”

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