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New LG Electronics Factory in Texas Begins Production

The company underlines the rapidly growing demand for EV infrastructure.

Published February 14, 2024

A South Korean battery company is setting up shop on US soil, as a new LG electronics factory in Texas begins production of EV charging stations. LG Electronics has announced the opening of its first EV charger production factory in the US, which is also the company’s first charger production site outside of South Korea.

The new 5,500-square-meter facility, located in Fort Worth, Texas, will produce EV chargers for the North American market, including AC and DC charging solutions.

LG has initially started assembling 11-kilowatt AC charging wallboxes, which will be followed by 175-kW chargers within the first half of the year. Even more powerful 350-kW ultra-fast chargers are also planned for a 2024 market launch. Both connector standards – Combined Charging System (CCS1) and North American Charging Standard (NACS) – will be available.


LG opens its first U.S. factory to produce advanced EV chargers.

LG opens its first U.S. factory to produce advanced EV chargers.


The annual capacity of the new charger factory is expected to exceed 10,000 units, as the company considers “electrification” as a major driver of rapid mid- to long-term growth. This means a lot more competition in the EV charging business.

LG also mentions that according to Roland Berger, a global management consulting firm, the global EV charging market is expected to grow to $186 billion by 2030. It means a demand for thousands of DC fast chargers (potentially a six-digit number per year at some point in the future) and millions for AC charging points. Global plug-in car sales already exceeded 13 million per year, including over 9 million all-electric cars.


Another shot inside of an LG factory.

Another shot inside of an LG factory.


Jang Ik-hwan, president of the LG Business Solutions Company, said:

“By establishing our EV charger production factory in Texas, we will be able to actively respond to the rapidly growing demand for EV infrastructure in the U.S. LG is dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality and will offer customers reliable EV charging solutions that combine efficient charger units with advanced control systems.”

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